i'm craving.. feather jewellery

Raffles Bizarre feather jewellery in particular. I happened to come across Raffles Bizarre on twitter originally (what a wonderful thing, I love twitter!) and the first item that jumped out at me is actually something that the lovely Jess has now contributed to my giveaway so look out for that in the next couple of days! Whilst searching through the site, as you do when you find a new jewellery shop, I came across the navajo collection. This is a wonderful group of feathers, aztec-esque coins and buttons, gorgeous stones, wooden accessories and just general what I call rural jewellery which I love. To me it looks so natural and authentic and I just love the way that the whole collection has been put together. These first 2 items in particular I find incredible.

I think that i'll let some of my absolute favourites do the rest of the talking;

I would love to know what you think of this range and feather jewellery in general really. Plus as a gift from me to you, okay.. from Jess through me to you we would like to offer all of my readers 10% off your order using the discount code: ABBZZW (it's in my sidebar too)

I've already bought a gorgeous amethyst anklet using it, which I now need the weather for. So enjoy! :) Let me know what you buy!

♥ abby


  1. :D LOOOOVE IT, thanks so much lovely lady. <3 Hope your followers enjoy!

  2. Think I'm gonna nab me a feather necklace and bracelet or anklet! Eeeep. xxx

  3. I'm glad you like it chick! :) x

    Do it Michelle :D I'll be buying more when I get the moola :) xxx

  4. I love feathers, whether it is feathers in your hair or earrings etc. Loving the items, i now need them all :) xx

  5. I love the idea of the feather jewellery but I just don't think it would suit me! Going to go have a look-see at the site so they can prove me wrong! x

  6. Hehe there's nothing stopping you Hayley :P xx

    Julie I think maybe a necklace would suit you more so that the earring/s. Knowing your style and what not I think it could work really well with some outfits i've seen you in. It's that boho chic without trying too hard look :) xx

  7. These pieces are wonderful; thanks for sharing! I love the whole navaho/aztek trend that is going on right now!

    London Last Night

  8. I once saw an ethnic type of earring in our town. It was a dream catcher sapphire earring. I did notice that it has a sapphire in it, but what I was interested is the part where they put colorful feathers in the earring. It looks so great because I love colorful jewellery.

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