spring/summer: what i want from the new lines

I've put a halt on buying warm coats, oversized cardigans and chunky snoods and put myself on a strict spring summer diet. My aim is to buy at least one item each week that I can wear through out the next 2 seasons. I'd like to step a little out of my comfort zone and into dresses and skirts more often which is perfect at the moment because I love the up and coming trends of 70's bohemian and sophisticated glamour, the antiqued lace and continued nautical style. They are all right up my street, excluding powerful feminine shift dresses .. those I will not be shopping for.

So just a few things from my wishlist today as I am absolutely loving the h&m new line and items drifting into topshop and other stores. Some items, peterpan collars especially, i'm not sure if I could pull off due to basoomas and other aspects so we will see which of these (after trying) that I get my hands on!

rust crepe pussybow dress - dark orange long sleeve flared dress - primark shirt dress in store march £15

I hope you liked my little preview of what is pretty much just spring trends at the moment and my wishlist so far. I can't wait until the summer so that i can live in dresses! :)

♥ abby


  1. Oooo some super lovely pieces hun! I am especially lovin the lace dress, the dress with the polka dot detail at the top and the tan and brown pieces! It's torture when the shops get lovely Spring pieces in, yet we are still in cold, dark and wet January!! xxx

  2. I love the high waisted polka dot dress in the second row, might have to have a look at that one! So have the same trouble with Peter Pan collars though, as much as I like them my sizeable chest seems to get in the way and make me look huuuuuuge.
    Great idea on getting one item a week though, I would be so tempted to go out and buy it all at once!

  3. That lace trim bell dress is my favourite, although I reckon I'd prefer it if the lace was a different colour. I'm trying to put a halt on buying winter items too, although it's tricky when so many are in the sales!xx

  4. You picked out soooo many nice items! I have that H&M blue dress on my wishlist on their site! SO tempted to buybuybuy :P

    L x

  5. Love the caramel tones for SS! The Primark shirt dress is sure to fly - lovely picks :) xx

  6. love the shorts and dresses!xx


  7. That primark shirt is a beaut, I actually thought it was a topshop one, I saw one in store the other day.
    Some gorgeous picks! xx

  8. I lovelove the colour palette of the items you've picked! Particularly enjoying the third dress at the top, paperbag waist shorts and all of those Republic jersey tops! xxx

  9. I literally want about 80% of the things you have featured here! Especially love the 2nd and 3rd dresses in the top row. It's all about neutral colours for me at the moment. Great idea to start buying things that can see you into summer now too! I must remind myself that snoods will be no good come spring! xxx

  10. i love what you've picked! my favorites are the peter pan dresses and the dreamy scalloped tops!

  11. Ahhh, so many lovely lovely things.
    Can't wait to go shopping! :)

  12. There is a Primark copy of that first one that I was debating last week. Some gorgeous stuff you've posted! xx

  13. I love all those shorts, and that second dress/tunic from H & M will be perfect laid back but smart work wear.

    Penny x

  14. tell me about it Claire! It's not right but then at least we can live off of our existing wintr wardrobe and layer up our loveeeely new spring dresses etc :P xx

    Hannah, the polka dot dress is a motel one that is so hard to get hold of other than online so i'd love to know if you manage to hunt one down! :) I think with peter pan collar items it's about picking out the right design.. I tried on a few items from lots of different stores yesterday and actually ended up purchasing 2 different designs because even with my bust the suited so well! I'm really pleased with them :) As for buying them all at once.. well that wouldn't happen because I don't have the financial ability to do so :P xx

    Emily Charlotte I can see where you're coming from on the different coloured lace though if you see the dress is person it has quite a shimmer to it so any other shade just wouldn't finish it off. Definitely agree in picture though as it doesn't quite look right does it. Good luck with your summer buys! :) xx

    Thank you halfdressed! Ah that's brilliant! I have a wishlist on the site too :P Only as reference though as i've heard nothing but horror stories about ordering online so I definitely wouldn't recommend buying that way :( xx

    Me too Jess! It definitely will! Just hope I get a hold of it before it's gone.. xx

    Me too Alina! Glad you like them :) I'm not sually such a fan of shorts but they are right up my street in the up and coming seasons x

    Monika, It's lovely isn't it! Can't wait to come across it in store!

    Thank you Michelle! I'm glad that you like it :) These are definitely my favourite shades at the moment. It's so nice to step away from cream grey and black :P xx

    Yay! You clearly have great taste Hannah ;) I do think you should lay off the snood buying yes.. haha happy summer shopping! xx

    Hannah zbitnew Jagger I definitely love the lace peter pan dress the most too :) xx

    Me either Science Geek! Struggling to find any of these things in store yet though.. x

    Girl with the golden touch - I know it's pretty much the exact same but I have yet to find it in my local store :( I really hope I can get hold of it though! It's a much more appealing price :P xx

    That's exactly what I thought Penny. There are a few things that I could probably wear to work which is always good in my books! :) x

  15. the last dress is amazingly gorgeous! i love one shouldered dresses, and it looks lovely :) xo

  16. Ooh, nice colour choices (: I cannot wait to wear dresses and short shorts! Corr, stupid cold weather.

  17. Love the rust and nude colour palette. Gorgeous picks!

  18. Yay! Glad you like it Jennie :) xx

    Thanks Bee. Me too! Bring on the summer! Seriously cannot wait to just live in dresses and shorts! My legs need thier tan back!! x

    Me to Vicky! It means that I want soooo much from the up coming season lookbooks though! It's crazy but so good! :D x


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