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When I moved into our apartment I got the opportunity to have a real dressing table, vintage through out.. mirror and all (as you can probably tell). And although it may not be exactly what I had dreamed of, it has definitely suited me just fine for my first and I love it all the same :) I've taken a few snaps so that you can see what I keep handy and the things I like to have near me. Like the first giraffe Shaun bought me back from when he had to go abroad on business and my white vintage looking heart that reminds me of my bestie. I think that perfume bottles are too pretty to hide away in a draw and so my favourites sit out among my other regularly used items of the moment. Normally there wouldn't be this much moisturiser on the side but the winter weather has sucked the moisture out of me it seems and so it is definitely needed! Added to this collection now is my Lush Dream Cream because my eczema has flared up and this is the only thing that calms it.

If you have any questions about anything you see in these photos you can either email me at my brand new email address: or comment below and I will reply so don't forget to check back :)

Today I finally got around to buying my domain name. Long overdue as i've been saying that I wanted to for a good 6 months. And so begins the transition of the re-direct. Hopefully within the next few days everything should be back to normal posting and following wise and you'll all be able to see and follow my blog via the new web address. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby 


  1. Very pretty :) Wish I had room to have a proper little table xox

  2. Thank you GlamourSkittle. I never use to until I moved out of my parents and now I don't have enough lol. @ dressing tables and a walk in wardrobe and accessory room is what I really need ;) xx

  3. Your dressing table is beautiful, it pretty muc is what i would look for as a dream dress, i think i prefer it to the cream one you linked! The little giraffe on the top is just super cute! xx

  4. loveee little lip balms in the shapes of cakes! do you keep all your lipstick boxes? i keep mine about a fortnight while they're still "new" then get rid when I can't be bothered getting the lipstick out, lazyyy x

  5. Very cute dressing table and I love the pretty white pots you keep your brushes in! The cream table you linked is beautiful too. I agree with you about wanting a dressing/accessories room! xxx

  6. Your dressing table looks so nice! I cant wait till I move into my place and I can get a dressing table :) x

  7. I really like the three little lace effect holders! V.cute

  8. Awww so lovely and organised.

    A lover of Anna Suis perfumes I see. I tend to keep my perfumes in the box as they seem to last longer that way...I'm sure they evaporate without a box, also I am rather obsessive with keeping the boxes for things :s

  9. I really like that, and the way you've set everything out, especially the little tubs you have your makeup brushes in! xx

  10. Ooh I love your dressing table and storage Abby (: Mine is a complete shambles on account of having to shift my products from place to place. I really wanted Innocence, Beware! but missed out when VV collection was released! xxx

  11. If you were looking for the 'trendy' white vintage it's easy enough to diy it. Plenty of youtube videos and sites to show you how to make it look aged.
    I love the white cups.

  12. This is the cutest dressing table I have ever seen, I love all the cute storage cups and boxes. And it's extremely tidy compared to mine!

  13. I see you have some of my favourite products on your dressing table like M.A.C Creme Cup and Max Factor False Lash Effect. It's so pretty,I hate not having a dressing table in my uni accommodation!

  14. I am SO incredibly jealous of you right now lady! the dressing table is absolutely stunning, I've wanted one similar for so long!! Love all your cute storage devices too!! :)

    L x

  15. love the brush holders! xx

  16. I love the cute little giraffe at the top, very cute! I like the items in the middle cup :P

  17. Oooh, I really want a little dressing table. Looks pretty (:

  18. BeautyMarked, That's lovely Hannah! :) I am definitely warming to it more all of the time xx

    I do Emma, i'm not sure why though to be honest. Though I suppose it keeps them protected in the boxes.. even if they are a little roughed up now x

    Thank you Hannah! I love them too :) So glad you like! xx

    Thank you Mybutterfly63 :) I can't wait until it's my own so i know the feeling :P x

    Thank you H. I do too, though I wish that they weren't so shiny.. x

    Science Geek, I've never heard of that happening to perfume before? I'd keep them in the boxes like most other things but I think the bottles are too pretty to be hidden away :) xx

    Dan, Thanks a lot! It is forever changing.. I swear I just can't make up my mind :P x

    Aw Michelle I feel for you! Must be such a pain moving back and forth all of the time and not having permanent station for regularly used products and things xx

    I would Phoebe but it's not technically mine.. Because I live in a furnished rented apartment this is part of my landlords furniture :( x

    haha thank you Hannah! Though I have to admit it isn't usually this tidy! :P xx

    Cherries in the Snow, I'm glad to hear it! I love them both too.. Maxfactor False Lashes especially!! I literally cannot be without it x

    Half Dressed, Thank you missus :) Hope you get one soon! xx

    Thank you Chloe! Sorry that I couldn't remember where they're from :( xx

    Haha me too Amaris! My favourites ;) x

    Thank you Minnja! x

    Thank you bee :) I can't wait until I get to buy my own even prettier one :) x

  19. What a lovely set up! Love it x

  20. Wonderful post!
    HI!my name's martina and I come from Italy...I love your blog and I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me! I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss

    glamour marmalade

  21. Thank you for the comment Martina! I'm glad you like my blog :) Shall take a look x


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