fashion and accessories collective haul

If you're following me on twitter you'll know of some of the numerous things I have bought recently and just generally over the last month or so but I never really share these with you on my blog. This is the fashion and accessories half of the things i've purchased lately whether happy with them or not, I may of used or worn them, they may have been featured on here somehow but it's likely that they haven't.

flat fur cuff ankle boots from ebay for about £26.99

primark comfy black wedges £18

primark: fur gilet £15 - dusky pink bag £6 - sequin floral purse £1.50? - pearl diamonte ring £2 - pearly earrings £1.50

h&m silver ring stck £3.99? - primark pearl & diamonte ring £2? - large rose earrings and cherry drop earrings 99p each from hong kong via ebay

primark polka dot & hearts tights £1.99 each I think

primark wooly ear flap hat & primark fur head wrap £1 - £2 each

new look black embellished deep v dress £26?

vintage oversized rust shirt - £4.99

green sweater dress from hong kong via ebay £6.99

primark ring £1.50, dangly earrings £3, earrings £2.50, hair bands £1, hair grips £1 and h&m cream cable knit socks £4.99

h&m cream fairisle gloves £4.99

hello kitty iPhone case from hong kong via eBay £1.34

I bought this vintage oversized faux fur coat on eBay and am now selling it for £35 so please let me know if you're interested

I bought this vintage oversized navy blue blazer from kavita's (iheartvintage) eBay store. Now reselling it for £8 so please let me know if you're interested.

temporary secretary only you necklace £9

Let me know what you think about these items and if you've bought anything recently that you think I should take a sneaky pre-christmas look at!

Look out for the other half of my collective haul, the beauty bits :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Love this post :) the photos are great! The flat black boots with fur are GORGEOUS! & yay to see your fur coat, it looks gorgeous. Also rather jealous of the vintage shirt- thats super cute

  2. Thanks Steph :):) They are! But i'm going to have to replace the heels because I keeping slipping over in them at the moment :( It is gorgeous! but like I said, i've got to sell it :( Glad you like lovely! xxx

  3. Great haul! It's like Christmas has already come for you! I'm loving all the fur items and I really love those H&M gloves but because of my phone I have to buy the ones that can turn into fingerless gloves! I hate taking my gloves off to text! Some lovely jewellery you've picked out as well, especially the last necklace x

  4. Love everything you've bought! The shoes in particular. and that last necklace is stunning. x

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  7. Sort of Jade, I liek to buy thing for myself :P I'm a big time bargain hunter though! All of that was bought throughout November so it's not that bad I don't think :) Me too but i tend to use my thumb and so the normal glove/mittens are a pain anyway. I just whip out my thumb with those gloves :) x

    Thank you Kim! :) & thanks for following too! x

    Thanks Hannah! Can you believe I used to be a primark hater with everything that is fromt here in this post.. odear :P xx

  8. :O Love your boots! The first one looks so similar to River Island's but like £20 cheaper! :D
    Great buys! I still need to find those heart tights from a primark!

    I may be interested in the oversized blazer ^^ What size is it? and is that the price including P&P to UK, you can email me at :) thanks! xxx

  9. Lovely pieces you got there! I really want that Ursula necklace, maybe soon lool! love the iphone case too :) xo

  10. Ooooh I love the vintage shirt and gloves! Cute little pom-poms.

  11. Fab post sweetie! Some beautiful buys! OMG at the Hello Kitty case!!! Soooo cute! Love the coat too and little Primark purse :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning the 'Ursula' necklace from Sara's Secret! You have photographed it beautifully :) xxx

  12. Wow you have brought some awesome items! I have the bow ring from Primark I brought it yesterday :P I love there jewellery it's so cheap and cheerful! Gorgeous wedges too, never spotted them in there :P The hello kitty case is seriously cute, is it wrong I want an iPhone just for the cute cases? :P

    L x

  13. love it! gonna have a search for those boots! they look really similar to the ones in river island xx

  14. Niceee buys sweet, I'm v jealous of your shopping spree! Especially that rust coloured blouse, needwantgettingkayyy ;) Your phone case is beyond cute as well! Aaaand, gimme some of that jewellery please?! xxxx

  15. Gorgeous wedges and tights! I need some with little hearts on them. So cute!

  16. Vanity Fashionista - The river island ones were about £70-£80 so yeah they're lots lots cheaper! :):) I'll email you today about the blazer! xx

    Thank you Becky! I don't think Claire has many left so if you want an Ursula necklace i'd grab one quick! :) xx

    Alison, I actually fully based the purchase of those gloves on the pom poms so i'm glad somebody appreciates them :P xx

    Thank you Claire!! :D & I'm so glad you like the photos! Can you believe they were taken with my iPhone?! xx

    Half dressed, cheap and cheerful is the perfect way to describe primark jewellery, definitely! Though i'm finding certain things are gradually getting more expensive.. so we'll see how long it lasts and milk it while we can :P It's not sad, you should totally get an iPhone ;) xx

    I have a link for the boots if you like Chloe?? But they only have them left in sizes 3, 4 & 7 :( xx

    Thanks Michelle :) I was all bought over the whole of november so not much of a spree as i'd like :P Gorgeous right! That shirt was found just before I banned myself from eBay! haha :) <3 xx

    Aimee, Thank you missus. Get some! They're so versatile I love them :):) x

  17. Super cute! I especially love the boots<3

  18. This post is seriously making me want to visit Primark! Those tights are so cute and I love their pearl earrings, I've been wearing mine non-stop since I brought them! x

  19. ive got to get that purse and bag!
    and the jewellery is all so prettyxx

  20. Lovely haul:) I love that phone casee:P And the tights&gloves are soo cute♥x

  21. Thanks Naomi :) x

    Peonies & Lilies, You definitely should take a trip :P I have to go in again this week for some lush warm socks :) xx

    Go for it Sarah :P I'm such an enabler haha x

    Thank you Emma :) Me too but it's falling apart now :( x

    Thanks Jazzy, will take a look x

  22. Love the furry gilet and the oversized rust shirt !

  23. im loving the primark boots!



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