essential knits: jumper dresses

Jumper dresses or jumpers long enough to cover my bum and then some, are an absolute essential for me. My wardrobe could never have enough knitted dresses, they can be dressed up with jewellery, some gorgeous heels and a satin clutch, with over knee socks and fur trim wedges or even some patterned tights and knee high lace up boots. Knitted dresses can be worn with so many things in so many ways, they're one of the most versatile items you could possibly have in your wardrobe! Do you share my love?

♥ abby xx


  1. cute blog,i like it :)
    hope you visit my blog too and dnt forget to follow if u like! :)

  2. thank you girls! :)

    &i'll take a look.. x

  3. I love the jumper dresses in your outfit posts Abby! I think I only have one jumper dress, as I find they drown me ): Sucks to be short sometimes! I do love the look of these though, and I actually have an oversized jumper on its' way over to me from Hong Kong, so I'm excited to have a play around with it! xx

  4. Great choices, love the first 2 jumper dresses! x

  5. Thank you so very much! :D

  6. I actually think I want them all!!! xx

  7. I concur with Gem! I want them all!!!


  8. Michelle - Thank you sweets :) That's brill! Can't wait to see it :) xx

    Peonies & Lilies - And can you believe the second one is only £16 at asda! x

    Jenny - No problem :) x

    Gem & Vicki - Me too!! Glad you like them girls :P xx


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