essential knits: hats and beanies

Much like gloves I find hats an essential for carrying around just in case. I tend to have my simple fur lined superdry beanie in my bag as it's so easy to wear and it doesn't require a lot of effort in the hair department to look good. This season it's a lot more in style to have a chunky beanie like the burnt orange and multi pick pom pom hats, this may take up a little more room in your handbag but i'm sure we can all sacrifice some space for a stunning toastie hat.

♥ abby xx


  1. I only own one hat and I never wear it! I don't really think they suit me ): These all look adorable though, I love the one with ears :O xx

  2. Yeeees, I love hats! I have a few berets (I went through a phase) but this post makes me want some more knitted ones. The downside of course, is hat hair :| x

  3. mmm the knitted fur trapper <3

  4. if i had my way i'd live in winter hats all year... these are adorable, i love anything with plaits and pom-poms xx

  5. Love these!!! I just got a super cute one from Charloette Russe. I'll post a picture of it soon on my blog!

  6. Michelle - Ohh :( rubbish! I think a trapper would look great on you :) xx

    Jade - A beret is actually something that I don't own.. It's probably one of the only hats that doesn't suit me lol. Hat hair can be forgiven if it's a lush hat I think :P And i've had hats rescue me from bad hair days on numerous occasions where hat hair looks significantly better than before :P x

    Chloe - Love them! There's loads about, get one :P x

    Kirsty - Me too! I have a few this year that I really love and so am wearing a hat every day at the moment :P xx

    Carlinn - Me too! But fear I may look a tad silly! x

    LabelSnob - Cool. Let me know when you do and it'll check it out :) x

  7. These all look so adorable and cosy. I wish I could wear hats, they just don't suit me though! xo

  8. Glad you like Jessy! They don't suit everyone but there's sooo many different styles there's gotta be atleast one that looks damn good! :) xx


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