loafers are back in town

For some bizarre reason when searching for a pair of heeled loafers I had Thin Lizzy - The boys are back in town playing over and over in my head.. and so the post title was born. Any who I noticed in a heritage based email from River Island 2 of the 3 models were wearing loafers. On further investigation I twigged how gorgeous and different they are and I now crave these shoes!

English Heritage is probably my favourite autumn trend. Currently wishing that I had the money to accommodate it in this short season but alas this isn't the case.

I have noticed some loafers about the online retail market but not many that I like other than these from River Island. I'd love to know if you yourself have spotted any lovely pairs!


So do you need a pair like I do or is this just a fad you'd wish would disappear?

♥ abby


  1. I would def rather wear those than normal loafers! :P

  2. i love the block heels ! love the white & blue ones - would be perfect for summer too !

  3. me too @Superficialgirl :P

    @Sara Louise I do too! I prefer the white ones because of the different colour trim. It's a shame summer is fading but you can guarentee they'll look great with tights or long socks! :D x

  4. These look so lovely and nautical! The pair on the right would look so pretty with long socks and lots of layers! Although heels & socks has GOT to be a health and safety hazard :p xxx

  5. yeah i actually really like them!

  6. I like the shoes but I don't think I could ever pull them off as they don't really fit into my style!xo


  7. @Michelle - ahah yeah but that's wear the sticky gel pads come in handy :D x

    @pearlslaceandruffles I know what you mean! but i'm sort of getting to the point where i don't think i have a specific style i like what i like and will try to make it work a way that looks good and i feel comfortable with :) x

  8. I think so too :) I love them both! desperate for a pair now.. x


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