autumn / winter wants: skirts

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I hardly own any skirts at all so intend on buying all of these, especially seeing as they're all inexpensive making the 5 of them together totally affordable! at least that's what I keep telling myself :P I know my choices are pretty simple and body gripping, but that's what I like and they suit my body shape so why not have them in every colour, design and length for a little diversity at least ;)

What do you think? Are any skirts you have your eye on for this season? Or even is there any other style that you might recommend for my body shape?

♥ abby


  1. we like the floral print tube skirt, perfect for day or night too!

  2. I have sooo many of those bodycon skirts i bought off boohoo :) perfect for fall and winter :) x

  3. Since posting this blog I have bought the khaki bodycon skirt and an acid wash one from boohoo as the tie dye skirt on ebay has sold out. I'm getting there with purchasing these! :P


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