notd: barry m strawberry ice cream nail paint

Just a quick nail polish post for you as i've been loving this shade recently. It's very unlike me to like pink. Especially one that is so candy barbie baby pink, i've shocked myself. But i really do like it :)

It only took 2 coats to achieve this shade and Barry M's lasting formula along with their reliable top coat meant that they didn't chip for about a week.

What more can you ask for?

♥ abby


  1. this is a gorgeous colour! xxx

  2. Love the colour, barry m nail paints are amazing !!!
    - Beth x

  3. Love this colour!
    its like a barbie pink ive been looking for, its lush.

  4. Such a gorgeous colour! I still haven't managed to buy this one ): xxx

  5. I'm not much of a Barbie pink gal either, though this does look great and the colour looks good enough to eat. I'm loving my neon pink at the mo.

  6. Love this colour! I have it on right now!

  7. Prettyyy colour! I love this nail paint. xx

  8. That colour is so pretty :D Love it! x

    Ellen from WeAreTheCrowd

  9. :o i like the colour but it took me 3 coat for some reasons.


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