how to maintain the holiday look

When choosing a holiday destination a lot of us will decide to go somewhere a lot hotter than home, living in England this obviously isn't that hard! Now I’m sure most of you will agree that when you're on holiday, surrounded by another culture and in a very different climate your attitude towards a number of things will change. I am going to go through how my style, hair, body and makeup transformed and how I am maintaining these changes even now that I’m home again. You may even gain some tips on how to get the holiday look without going abroad!

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so how d'you think i did for my first guest post? be honest!

♥ abby


  1. this was so interesting! i normally skim through and read longer posts, but i actually sat and read this! it was brilliant! such a good idea!! xx

  2. I really liked this post! You should write more longer features once in a while. :) Nice tips, to maintain a holiday tan, I like using Garnier's sunkissed range. xxxx

  3. Great post! Really intresting to read

    Lisa xx

  4. I loved reading the start of this about people going to warm places for holidays. Maybe i missed that day hey?

  5. thank you all! :) i'm glad you found it interesting :) xx


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