my holiday essentials checklist

I wanted to share with you guys what I feel are my essentials for a 2 week holiday in the algarve.. though not having been anywhere hot since i was about 9 years old and never having been on holiday without my parents I am aware that I won't be spot on with these.

I also want to ask your advice. These are items that I am pretty sure i'll be taking, that I feel are important for me, but what would you never go on holiday without?

for the first time ever i'll be wearing shorts out in public.. i have white cargo shorts, white jersey shorts and some distressed denim shorts

♥ an oversized lightweight white shirt will be pretty diverse i think and i was thinking about getting a denim one too but this might be over kill right?

♥ my white linen trousers will be perfect to hide my legs from any midges or mosquitos in the evenings i thought

♥ as with a couple of lightweight cardigans to cover my arms if needed

♥ floaty floral bandeau top and white cotton gypsy top along with a few hanky hem tanks will be perfect over shorts

♥ some of my many fitted tank tops will be great for wearing tucked into skirts or on top of shorts

♥ dresses wise, i have one white maxi dress to take, a white and blue striped bandeau dress and a shorter white cotton dress

♥ i have a lightweight white skirt and a floral floaty tiered skirt only

depending on how long your going a number of bikini's is pretty essential. i'm going for 12 days and have a white bandeau karen millen, cheap teal strappy and magenta bandeau halter from la senza

♥ of course it is important to protect your head and eyes, you don't want sun stroke after all. i'll be sporting a cowboy hat and a variety of aviators and visor sunglasses

♥ because of the heat i am going to stick to wooden, fabric or plastic necklaces, bracelets and rings

♥ plenty of comfortable flip flops. i have black, white, gold and a tan pair of gladiator sandals

♥ i only own 2 pairs of heeled sandals, the tanned carvela shoes i recently received and a pair of white clog like sandals

♥ i'm going to take a small pair of ankle boots to add some style to an outfit or if i know i'm to be doing a lot of walking or climbing

in my giant toiletry bag..
♥ shower: shower milk/gel, shampoo bar, conditioner, exfoliating glove, razor, spare blade

♥ face: mud flats soap, king of skin, clarins hydraquench cream, spot treatment, facial wipes, toner, cotton wool pads, ear buds

♥ teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss

♥ body: deodorant, body spray, palmers cocoa butter, aloe vera gel

♥ hair: serum, hairspray, salt spray, hair brush, straighteners

♥ just in case: anthisan bite cream, mini antiseptic cream, tampons

♥ sun cream is a vital toiletry that both shaun and i will be stocking up on before we leave. i'll be using regular strength sun cream and a sun block stick for my tattoo, to avoid fading

in my makeup bag..
♥ face: elf mineralised face primer, tinted moisturiser, powder, concealer, blush, bronzer, powder brush, kabuki brush

♥ eyes: waterproof mascara, nude and brown eyeshadow shades, colourful liquid & pencil liners, grey, black and white eyeliner, sigma eye brushes - shading, pencil, blending and angled.

♥ lips: elf primer, a couple of glosses, lush lip balms

♥ nails: some brightly coloured nail varnishes and a small amount of nail varnish remover

to do..
we have so many things to do over in portugal and to be honest, in each others company we won't need a whole lot so i'll be taking a pack of cards, a couple of books for the evenings or by the poolside, a sketch pad, a few pencils and my ipod speakers

waiting for us at the villa.. so i don't need to pack it!
towels, inflatables loungers & rings for the pool, plug adaptors, hair dryer, full first aid kit, pool & jacuzzi hehe

have i missed anything? .. i suspect i have! or am i going overboard and taking too much for 12 days?

thanks for reading, please leave your comments and suggestions below, i don't want to be unprepared :)

♥ abby


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2010

    great post!
    i heart your blog =]

  2. it all sounds good! wow, you're really prepared, you seem to have thought of everything! have fun on your trip :)

  3. Aw I love posts like these honey! :)
    Sounds like you are tres organised!!
    I went to the Algarve last year and blooming loved it. Prepare yourself for it to be hot, hot, hot!! Def don't think you will need a denim shirt as will just frazzle! :)

  4. thanks milly! i was thinking denim is probably a bit much.. i'm not used to the heat! xx

    and thankyou ciara and gina :):) x

  5. i love ur blog what a grate post!


  6. Sounds amazing hunny :)
    I dont take heels on holiday (bf is my height anyway) and I go a bit OTT with bikinis, I feel a different one (or different mix and match set) for each day is good, lol!
    I also seem to stock up on tolietries too, and have to buy all new things- i think they weighs my bag down a treat
    eweeek, I wanna go on holiday please

  7. loved this =D
    i think i'll do one myself when i travel ^^

    oh and thanks for following me =D

  8. Sounds pretty good, but I don't think you'll want boots with you- I'm sure you'll be too hot for them.
    I've been writing lists of all my clothes for taking away with me in a couple of weeks time as well. When do you go?

  9. Great post, sounds like you've got everything covered, have a great holiday x

  10. @steph0188 i wish i had gone ott with bikini's! i only have 3 for 12 days but i'm hoping to get a couple while over there :) as for the toilettries i'm putting most in smaller travel bottles because i won't need the full bottles :) xx

    @Abby Vicious you definitely should lovely! and no problem :)

    @Primp and Preen i was thinking then but then doing a lot of walking / climbing like i know my boyfriend will want to i think they'd be better than fipflops and just work really well with shorts :/ i might wear them up there so i don't have to pack them lol. my flights on the 28th :):) x

    @*Peonies and lilies* thanks hun! :) x


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