what do you wear with cropped jackets?

i recently bought this jacket from boohoo.co.uk and have found that i can wear it with a lot of things. so after searching through google, weheartit and lookbook i have found some style inspiration i'd like to share with you.
with shorts? why didn't i think of this! an edgy summer look hmm :)

wear something pretty underneath to totally clash the outfit really works

wear it with smart wear.. i tried it over a simple white fitted shirt.. looked damn good :P

patterned top skinny jeans and heels.. so simple why didn't i think of it

over sweater dresses and legging /tights is a must! been there.. loved it :)

i need a floral skirt like this! any idea where i could get one?

got a favourite outfit? or is there something else you'd rather wear with a cropped biker jacket?

i love the last one because it is something that i would definitely wear but didn't think of for myself :)

♥ abby xx


  1. I have a patent moc leather crop biker jacket from H&M and adore it! They are so fab to wear with what i call 'girly wear'-helps give the outfit some edge to it!


  2. i think that skirt is from topshop but i've seen some similar in peacocks if you have one nearby, should be loads like that around at the moment

  3. now we need one of you wearing it :) x

  4. Topshop would have a good floral skirt!

  5. ah claire i love your cropped jacket!! :D

    i tried finding a darker floral skirt but no much luck in peacocks but i did find a lighter more floaty one.. just not sure whether the biker jacket would work.. it's quite girly so i suppose it probably would :)

    thanmks for the help lovelies! xx


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