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The loveeeeely Boo tagged me to do the first part of a 40 questions post. This first part is focussing on facial skincare which is quite ironic because i had began working on an updated skincare regime post already. So i merged what i had with the tag and this is what i got..

i apologise now for the length of this post.. but i really do beleive it has some useful information in it.. i hope :)

How many times do you wash your face daily?
once in the mornings then in the evenings i use a wipe to remove my makeup then i cleanse and apply spot treatment if required.

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
very combination. I have an oily tzone and part of my chin with dry patches on my cheeks and forehead and the rest is normal.

What is your current facial wash?
mud flats soap from lush. (post coming soon as to why i love this product so much!)

Do you exfoliate?
i use ocean salt from lush every other day at the moment because the current weather is quite harsh on my skin. ocean salt not only rids of those dry patches but also scrubs away any blemishes that are attempting to develop. although working brilliantly for me now, ocean salt is a strong product so as the weather improves i suspect that i'll only need to use it once a week.

What brands do you use?
Nothing in particular, just whatever works for my skin, i find that there are only one or 2 products within the brands i do use that actually work for me so instead of giving you full brands i will show you the specific products below.

clean & clear cleanser

body shop tea tree toner

avon clearskin facial wipes

superdrug vitamin e cleanser and eye makeup remover

lush mud flats soap

lush ocean salt scrub

tzone spot zapper

witch stick

garnier pure sos spot pen

garnier pure pads

garnier pure a daily treatment moisturiser

botanics organice face super balm

avon solutions pure pore-fection oil control gel cream

t-zone nose pore strips

What moisturizer do you use?
i don't use moisturiser that often but on those days that i don't use my ocean salt scrub those dry patches sometimes need a little hydration. at this point i reach for garnier pure daily moisturiser as is is light, fights blemishes and works well under makeup. there are days that dry patches need a little more and when they do i use botanics super balm from boots. it's quick and works so well! i have to thankyou zoe for her review on this one because it really is brilliant. click here to read zoes review

Do you have freckles?
no but some cute ones across my nose wouldn't go a miss :)

Do you use eye cream?
When needed i use nivea visage anti shadow eye cream or avons bright eye gel. but since i purchased benefit erase paste i havn't even thought about ridding of my circles before i put my makeup on. maybe this is something i should start doing again.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Not acne no, just you usual blemishes and blackheads across my nose.

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
Nope.. no need for it

Going back to the list/photos of products.. i obviously don't use all of them everyday. In fact there are a few that i only need to use once a week because they work so well for me.

body shop tea tree toner - every morning before applying spot treatment then makeup
avon clearskin facial wipes - every evening to remove makeup
superdrug vitamin e cleanser and eye makeup remover - every morning to freshen eyes and evening to remove eye makeup
clean & clear cleanser - every evening after i have removed my makeup 
lush mud flats soap - on the alternate day to using ocean salt, on my face neck and chest
lush ocean salt scrub - on the alternate day to using mud flats, on my face
tzone spot zapper -  under my makeup in the mornings
witch stick - during the day if i need a quick spot attack..
garnier pure sos spot pen - when needed this works best overnight &cannot be worn under makeup
garnier pure pads - once a week before bed
garnier pure daily moisturiser - when needed
botanics organic face super balm - when my skin needs some super fast hydration
avon solutions pure pore-fection oil control gel cream - maybe once a week to control the visible pores on my nose
t-zone nose pore strips - once a month when i really want to attack the pores on my nose

I'm not going to tag anybody per say, simply because i've done it a little differently. But i do find it interesting to see what range of products people use and whether it is quite miss matched like mine, where you have tried a range of different products to find those that work best for your skin or whether it is one particular brand that you are loyal to which works for you. 

So go ahead and do this tag and if i'm not already following your blog link me to the post and i will do :)
Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx


  1. You have such a good routine,I wish I was more like y ou, I tend to do things differently every week, so I never know what works best for my skin!Silly me...
    I have put a few things on my wish list so thats for mentioning these products :) Clean and clear is a old good friend of mine! its all I used through my early teens!
    Looking forward to the mud flats soap review,
    Boo also tagged me so il pop mine up soon xxxx

  2. Wow, that's a lot of products to use for a daily regimen! Does the Garnier spot treatment actually work for you?

  3. @Rochelle. I don't use them all everyday :) That would be crazy and take me forever lol.

    Yeah it reaqlly does, it doesn't work as quickly as garnier say but it is a great overnight treatment :) x

  4. @Lauren I'm so glad you found it useful :) I have the routine purely because it works so well, but i used to be like you and do different things all of the time. Thing is, it takes your skin around a fortnight to get used to a product so if after about 3 weeks i find a product isn't working for me, i bin it.

    I finally found what works and i'm sticking to it!! lol :D xx

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