love your canvas

For a while now i've wanted to have a painting of mine hanging in my room but because of the lack of space in my parents house i never really had the chance to do it or the room to hang it.

I want something sheek, sexy and personal to me hanging above my bed. So today i bought a large and long canvas and intend on working on it using the inspirational pictures in this post.

It's a little pic heavy.. enjoy :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Have fun :) I love painting, I have about 5 of my paintings in my bedroom. None of them match my room or go with eachother though, kind of just random! xo

  2. I'm interested to see what you'd do!
    Get on with it! Its your place and your mind xxx

    - Dan.

  3. I have that 'sweet dreams' mini mirror hanging from my bed! :) it's soo cute. Love your style.

  4. Lovely pics huni and a great idea! I have that little 'Sweet dreams' sign in my room :) xoxo


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