a lovely lot of gifts

Last monday I got a package from angeldiva25 full of house warming gifts which was super kind of her! She even sent me my very first moving a card to go with it! :):)

I knew this was coming and was so happy to receive it! Thankyou :D

She sent me some pretty earrings, a mascara, a yummy body spray, the ex factor & what i think is butterball from lush and a new tin of my much loved john freida spun gold balm! Then to top all of that off.. in the card was a £5 off when you spend £10 in bodyshop! Thankyou so much lovely!!

&Look at how cute the card is!

If you arn't already following angeldiva25 on twitter then go and do it now! :):)

♥ abby xx


  1. i would love to get you a housewarming present but im too busy doing my bitch duties like instructed lol ;) x

  2. haha it's okay. we'll organise something x

  3. Aww thats so nice of her :) XO


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