learn to love nautical

Apparently I should be learning to like (or love?) the whole nautical, stripes, spots, reds, blues trend. And so I have been searching high and low for things I like..

It took quite a while for me to find items I like let alone some i'd wear. I'm just not so sure i could pull it off :s

But here are a few things I kind of like anyway..

This long top's only £15 from boohoo.com and i like how it's quite simple with pretty detailing on the shoulders

Unsure about this.. I don't do polka dots, ever. But this dress includes the lace insert and belt too for only £20 .. that's a pretty good price i think. Enough to try it atleast.

Now these i like! Accessorize earrings are becoming more and more appealing to me lately.

This t-shirt is from newlook and i do quite like it compared to others i've seen but i still know know..

i wish it were cheaper to order in things from forever21. I love this top so much!

I like how simple this is &that it's only £12 but I know the sleeves would annoy me as they just don't look long enough! I'm sure there are tonnes of similar tops out there at the moment though.

If you want to get to any of these products, just click on the pictures :)

Also.. link me to your favourite items for this trend.. try and make me love it!!

♥ abby xx


  1. I love the nautical trend! :) XO

  2. Those earrings are SO GORGEOUS! How I wish we had an accessorize here in the US D: xo


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