in & out with january favourites

This post is to show you a few of my most used and favourite products from January followed by a few ins and outs because I havn't done a post like that for a little while

My brand new white iPhone 3GS :D isn't it gorgeous hehe it's my new baby :P

The 2 gorgeous covers I have for my iPhone :D

My new blog layout. I really like it but i'd love feedback from you guys.. what do you think?

Moving out! Yes I finally get to move into my flat on the 20th.. finally!!

Being and staying single. I've had times in the last 4+ months where I have been so incredibly lonely and hated it! But i'm moving out.. I need to embrace it, be happy spending more time with best friends and catching up with old friends. Sorry guys, I am officially off the market.

Nail polish. Up untill christmas I would'nt wear it very often, I couldn't be bothered to put it on and wait etc but I have all through out january and my nails look so much prettier :)

Drinking more water. Have I been doing it? The answer is yes. However, I have also developed a morning coffee addiction and i have around 3 cups of tea packed full of sugar each day

Too much tea and coffee! (See 'In')

Panicking, packing and general stresses.. go away now please :)

Cold weather. Bring on less layers, bikinis, beaches, barbecues on my roof terrace and boys wandering around half naked!

Shopping :( I have to stop buy pretty things soon.. 1 more week then no more new shoes for a little while :( my money will be spent on rent bills food and phone.. boring! (&booze for parties :P)

and now for those january favourites..
Lush ultimate shine solid shampoo. Loving this! It's so convinient and easy to use and seems to be last forever! a great product and those solid shampoos are a must buy.

The 2 nail polishes i'v been wearing most opi coney island cotton candy barry m mulberry pink. If you don't have them I strongly suggest you hunt them down :P

Benefit erase paste. An awesome product that seems to last forever! I've had mine for 3 weeks now and it barely looks as though i'v used it! Let me know if you what to know more about my experience with this product.

Hairspray.. I never use it, ever! But during january I discovered that it kept my hair tame. Just a spritz all over the top part of my head and fringe stopped it from going frizzy and losing it's shape and bounce while I walk for 25minutes in the wind, rain snow etc..

If you want any further information or pictures on anything mentioned here all you have to do is ask :)

That's about it from me.. I hope you all have a great day!

♥ abby xx


  1. Great post and I'm liking the layout its really simple and I <3 the colour. You read my mind, I need to get my hands on the mulberry pink :O x

  2. that's so great!! yaay

  3. i really like your posts
    thanks for sharing as always
    love your blog!


  4. DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanFebruary 12, 2010

    Roll on the 20th:P x


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