i missed the grammys

Yes I missed them.. but I caught the dresses this morning via an article on the msn site. Wow.. need I say much more? Possibly not but I will.. :)

Ashanti's dress has to be my favourite of all those I have seen. The nudes work so well and we all know that's what is in right now. Not only that I love the contrast in material of the trail and the shapes of the straps. It is definitely a dress that I would wear :)

In my eyes Beyonce is not a petite woman and this sort of dress with strong powerful shouilders and what looks like a fairly stiff material just doesn't work for me. &nor do I think it works on her. Does anybody else see the resemblance of rugs and curtains? I'll give her some credit though.. she got the nudes right.

How dare Fergie steal my man, Josh Duhamel away from me and not only that.. his hair has been corrupted! Unimpressed. Not such a fan of the outfit either Fergie.. I much preferred the purple dress you wore to the golden globes.

I don't like this dress on Heidi Klum at all. I think for style of dress and the size of her chest it is totally off. Definitely not somthing I would wear myself (considering my body is of a similar shape) Again, the dress that she wore to the golden globes suited her figure a lot more!

Ghetto Chic with a curtain thrown around for J-Lo? Don't get me wrong she looks fab.. just a little strange. Trying to hit the Lady Gaga target market a little maybe?? I don't know.

Going to sum up this image of Katy Perry with as least words as possible.
Hair: No
Dress: No
Overall: Good god woman what were you thinking?!!
Me: Disappointed.. I have lost faith in her style.

I wouldn't of expected anything less from Lady Gaga.. She didnt disappoint our bizarre expectations. Apparently this was created by Giorgio Armani for her to wear on both red carpet and during her performance. As for the yellow hair.. well she must of heard that blonde is in this season.

I couldn't be more jealous of anybody else in the world. The hair the makeup, the tan and that dress!! I love it all. Whenever I see a picture of Miley I want to dye my hair dark.. this is not a good thing!

Pink is awesome without a doubt and I usually love her rock chick style but this time it just isn't working for me. Miley looks more rocky than her. That and I just dont like the bust area of this dress.. Sorry Pink.

I think that Rihannas dress is a very complimentary colour on her and the way the bottom half flows over her curves looks fantastic but what is going on up top? Too much with the feathers, turtle neck and strong shoulders.. I just don't think it works very well!

I think most of you would agree with me when I say that Taylor Swift always looks incredible at these awards and fuctions. Well the grammys was no exception. This ever so glittery deep blue gown follows her curves and shows off her sexy collar. However.. I know i'm picky but I just wouldn't of included the gap in the middle when designing this dress. Sorry Kaufman Franco, When you consider the revealed back and shoulders I see no need fror this gap and if i'm honest i think it just looks a little silly.. especially on somebody with a smaller chest.. I see no need for it :s

I hope you enjoyed my opinions of the dresses.. If some what a little harsh :)

Ashanti's is definitely my favourite! How about you?

♥ abby xx


  1. Miley = Win.
    That is all.

  2. Beyonce's dress perhaps not the best.
    Beyonces overall night record breaking!

  3. I missed too:( You forgot to post Lea Michelle's dress! She was so gorgeous that night! She's was my favorite, especially since I didn't like her dress at the Globes.


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