blasts from the past

Look at what i found!

An awesome Sharky & George tee :D

Now i don't often wear t-shirts but this is brilliant! & at only £12.99 for a ladies size i really really want it!

I used to love sharky & george haha amongst other kiddies programmes.. what were your favourites and do you have any clothes with them on? I know a few people with danger mouse tees but that's about it.. so please share :D

much love,

♥ abby xx


  1. Yes i have the dangermouse t-shirt and a transformers 1! But since the films come out it's not that old school lol x

  2. Aww such a cute tee! Where from? I use to love the Moonmins?! Is that how you spell it?! Lol! On Live and Kicking! xx

  3. omg sharky and george the crime busters of the sea !! oh jeez i've just remebered that theme tune and cant get it out of my head!!

  4. OMG! where did u get this its so cool!
    I love sharkey and george brins back memories.



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