sherlock holmes: a review

Not a post i've done before but as a new and impressive film I decided to share my take on it with you guys :)

I originally went to the cinema with a couple of friends to see avatar 3D but alas.. it was sold out (i wasn't disappointed) I dont go to the cinema very often anymore, seems like a lot of effort and is too over priced majority of the time. We watched Sherclock Holmes on orange wednesday and i have to say I enjoyed it so much that I would be happy to pay full price to see it another time.

It is such an awesome, cleverly made and well thought out film *claps to Guy Ritchie* I loved it. The characters, the plot, the special effects, costumes.. all of it!

Now a bit about the characters..

Sherlock himself - Played by Robert Downey Jr : I havn't seen him in any other films (that I know of) but after his performance as Sherlock i'm tempted to watch a couple of others. Holmes is an incredibly intelligent yet manipulative man, he knows how to twist his way around things and make others do exactly what he wants.. he expects things to go a certain way and they always do.. genius!

DR H Watson - Played by Jude Law: Excellently played by jude law.. I had my doubts about his role but he really impressed me! Watson is Holme's devoted friend, the man who keeps him going and beleives in him but also feels as though they should each get on with their own lives. He made me laugh smile and cry a little at one point..

Irene Adler - Played by Rachel McAdams: I had a love hate relationship with Adler all throughout the film. Love how intelligent she is but hate how manipulative she can be and really quite evil. also love Rachel McAdams as an actress, she'd been great in everything I have seen her in, though next to such strong actors and characters as Holmes and Watson I don't think that she had enough room to shine as much.

Lord Blackwood - Played by Mark Strong: At first Lord Blackwood reminded me of Andy Garcia (Terry Benedict in Oceans 11, 12 & 13) but I was corrected by the credit at the end of the film. Lord Blackwood was easily the creepiest charecter.. I did not get along with this man! Though he played Lord Blackwood well and though very strange I enjoyed watching his relationship with Holmes develop.

Friends of mine raved about the special effects and it wasn't untill I watched the movie that I realised what they were talking about. They really are believable.. It really is quite incredible how real most of them look.

Robert Downey Jr - "Madam, I need you to remain calm and trust me I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release"

Now I really don't want to reveal much about the plot because I am not one for ruining movies for others.. I will say though, that there are action filled scenes as well as well thought out intelligent thinking ones with a hint of romance and a lot of trickery thrown in there too.

I love murder mystery programes from Murder She Wrote, Midsummer Murders, Frost, Lewis and even CSI. The older shows are my favourite so maybe this is why I enjoyed the fiulm so much I don't know? Watch it and let me know what you think! :)

♥ abby xx


  1. I want to go and see that film.

  2. I would so go and see it if I lived in the U.S, but here in my country I just never go to the movies, don't really know why :S

  3. Sounds like a good film, hopefully it'll still be playing in the cinema in a few weeks time so I can go watch after exams. Btw I've given you an award on my blog x


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