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So we all have our resolutions for 2010 right? What about your beauty resolutions? Now I know that you wont all have them, so here are mine for some inspiration :) Let's see how many I can keep!

  • First off i'm going to go for the usual, drink a lot more water. I have been trying to do it recently.. but admittedly havn't tried very hard! I hate tap water and so it has to be filtered first, whether that means through a brita filter or I must buy bottled water it just makes it a little less convenient.
  • I feel as though I should moisturise my body more.. i've been focussing a lot of my attention on my legs over the last 6months and now that I have found a product theat doesn't bring them out blotchy and nasty I can get the rest of my body upto scratch too :)
  • I recently heard that liquid foundations can clog your pores and am not entirely sure how I was so unaware of this! So I have decided that when the weather lightens up a bit and my skin doesn't need so much moisture that I will swap my makeup routine around a bit. I've heard a lot about bare minerals and am intreagued to see how it could work for me, maybe as well as other similar products.. we will see :)
  • I have been working on my eyebrows for a couple of months now. Yes I made the fatal mistake of plucking on top rather than below! You dont need to tell me i'm an idiot.. I was a clueless 14 year old that actually thought I knew a lot :P Anyway.. I am determined to grow them in fully in the new year! Without using any assistance from regrowth products though, sorry girls i've heard many non-biased professionals say they are complete pishtosh! I must learn to be more patient and not get so frustrated.
  • I'd like to remember to wear perfume more often. I own about 10 - 15 yummy bottles of perfume and yet each day I wear impulse siren body spray.. Even when I go out on the town or to meals.. everywhere! I'm not sure why I do it but a friend mentioned to me that it may be because perfume doesnt last as long and I am subconcious that I may smell not so nice.. lol sounds lovely right! Anyway, I'm going to wear perfume more often but would love it if any of you had any tips or tricks on making the scent last longer? That way I may remember more often.. Maybe :)
  • I will have a make up clean up when I move out in the new year, I will I will I will! Rid of the old makeup.. clean my tweezers, brushes (not that I don't anyway) & eyelash curlers and even sharpen my many eyeliners!
  • Finally.. but I feel most importantly, my main resolution for the new year is to get fit and healthy and stay that way. It will not only include drinking lots more water but also eating more of a healthy and balanced diet, I intend to start eating a healthy breakfast each morning and excercising a whole tonne more seeing as right now I do no form of excercise other than walking to work in the mornings. It isnt enough, I don't feel healthy and I don't want this unhealthyness to be reflected on my skin. I will do it.. even if it means some how becoming able to afford to go to the gym!!
 What are your beauty resolutions? &if you don't have any yet.. i'd love to hear your general new years resolutions too! :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Awesome post sweetie!
    I drink alot of water, which im quite proud of ;D lemon slices in water is wonderful for your hair skin and immune system did you know?

    I hardly wear foundations, because as you said it clogs up your pores, we dont really need to wear it tho..I mean were young...my sister is 32 and wonders why i where it!
    lol, I need to think of my resolutions!

  2. I didn't know that about the lemon! Now that I do i'll give it a go :D ..hope it's yummy too lol

    Yeah I can see where you're coming from, my issue is i have patches of dark skin in certain areas of my skin and thats why i need a little coverage. I don't lay it on thick like some people :P aha! xx

  3. love your blog.... i'm trying to drink lots more water too!

    i like to wear mineral foundation, and i'v really noticed the difference with my skin, if you want to stop wearing liquid foudation you should try it :)


  4. I like this list that you've come up with. It's very well thought out and sensible, I must say. I, for one, have never thought of coming up with a list of beauty resolutions (although I know I should). That first resolution on drinking more water is a great one. I usually drink lots of water everyday, but on some days when I don't, I do notice a difference in the 'glow' of my skin. Water works wonders! :)


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