lush, body shop & e.l.f goodies

Yay I went shopping!! :D

I intend on reviewing each of these seperately so take a look and if anything tell me if you'd like me to review something ahead of the others

American Cream - Sample
Veganese Conditioner - Sample
Big Shampoo - Sample
Star Melt
Butterball Bath Ballistic - Freebie :)
Fairy Tail
Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo
& Cosmetic Warrior face mask (it's in the fridge)

Body Shop
Moisture Foundation Shade 04
Hi Shine Lipgloss
amp; Lipstick 54 Pastel Rose

2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss
Lip Primer and Plumper
Mineral Infused Face Primer
& Warm Bronzer

In boots I bought my hair dye and a barry m nail paint, shade 273 Raspberry :)

♥ abby xx


  1. I enjoyed reading this post, I love hauls.
    Do a review on the lush facemash!

    Oh and the BS foundation...

    Your E.L.F products look good! tell me what you think of them please!


  2. i'd love for you to do a review on yr new elf goodies:))xo

  3. i love the whole idea of the new elf studio products but is there anywhere else i could buy them besides online?

  4. @Anonymous.. I'm not aware of anywhere that sells elf products in store, sorry. But the delivery is pretty quick and not too pricey if you're buying a significant amount ..atleast that's the way i see it :) Definitely worth buying online :) x


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