in & out for november

Here goes..

Healthy nails! Last months attempts at getting my nails stonger &looking healthier worked :) I ate all of the right things and the barry m nail hardener worked wonders! Now if they could just grow a little faster i will have sexy nails and hands again :)

Moving on up! Yes i'm finally moving on and moving out!! Its been really tough the last few months as you guys can probably tell from my tweets.. it seems to be one thing after the other! I actually have swine flu at the moment but i'm not going to let things get to me so much this month! From here on out it's onwards and upwards.. yeah so what i have money issues and i'm living with a complete d**k.. I'm getting a second job soon and moving out with 2 of the best friends ever in january. All will be well :D

My new hair regime.. aussie products are working wonders so far! &i adore the smell of my hair when using them so i'm going to carry on using them and may even add more to my routine.. we'll see.

My mum has now turned the heating on :) so no more cold nights and getting into a freezing cold bed! ayering clothes, cold yet refreshing winter mornings, hats &scarves, snuggling up with a blanket (or loved one) by the fire and the smell of mulled wine around the house :) It may be fall but winter is fastly approaching and i'm loving it!

Bronzing Pearls..I'm pretty fair skinned and have been using multi-toned bronzing pearls from avon for sooooo long now! I need to use something a little more convinient to carry around.. so if any of you have any recommendations then please share :) :)

Feeling ill! Go away swine fluuuuu!! &don't come back please.. thanks.

X factor! though it was never ever in!!! eurghh.. awful show.. always was tbh.

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself.. chin up! Christmas is coming :) &2010 will be my year!

Although my nails are not completely upto scratch yet it's byebye to Bare nails & hello to nails of the day posts &pretty colours :)
♥ abby xx


  1. Yay for aussie!
    & healthy nails :)

  2. Try Covergirl Tanfastic Bronzer Compact. It really good to keep in your purse for touch ups :]
    Hope you get better!

  3. Thankyou lovely :) i'll try and find it over here :)

    &i'm all better now too! :) :) x


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