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I haven't posted for a few days due to not being able to take pictures. This being because I do not have a camera, I use my phone! and frankly.. its rubbish!! When I get an iPhone in January I will totally buy a camera! promise :)

Because of the camera issue.. I'v been looking through a number of blogs by you gorgeous people for a tag that I fdon't feel I need pictures for and here it is.. A simple 'What I am using right now' tag that lollipop26 did back in February.

Pretty much all this will be is a list of products i'm using right now from my head right down to my toes :) Hope you enjoy :) Join in and post this tag too!

Shampoo: Tressemme Moisture Rich right now though I am about to change my hair routine a bit though because i'm not happy with the results from the shampoo and conditioner that i'm using right now. I have Tressemmes new 24 Hour Body Shampoo to try out :)
Conditioner: John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder This has made my hair yellowy from dying it so i wont be using it for much longer! Plan to purchase a the Colour Lasting Tressemme Conditioner.
Styling products: Avon Smoothing Cream - Though, Tressemme Salon Silk Serum and John Freida Spun Gold Shape and Shine Serum (I loveeee this! gives a tiny hint of shimmer and shine to my hair, not too much, the perfect amount!)
Hair mask: Tressemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque. I'v used this for years! &have never even considered any other because I love what it does to my hair!

Shower gel: Palmolive Natural Shower Milk &honey or Original Source Lime Shower Gel - Depending on my mood and whether I need to wake up a bit haha
Body moisturiser: King of Skin from Lush :) My new found love!
Deodorant: Sanex Sensitive Roll On
Fake tan: Although i'm fairly pale I dont wear fake tan. It doesnt seem to go onto my my skin as well as i'd like and no matter what I try I appear orange or streaky. It just isnt a good look for me. So a bit of bronzer here and there works for me and I attempt to lay out in the sun whenever possible! (Which isn't very often)

Cleanser: Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Deep Cleansing Lotion
Toner: Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner
Eye makeup remover: Superdrugs Vitamin E Cleanser & EMUR
Exfoliator: A mixture of Superdrugs Vitamin E Body Scrub and Body Shops Exfoliating Gloves, Loofah and Body Brush.. Yes I like to exfoliate! :D 

Primer: Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - I dont rate this too much for me it's a bit hit and miss.
Foundation: Body Shop Moisture Foundation in shade 04 I loveee this! I have tried so many different foundations and always come back to this very one. Plan to review this soon just to get across to you guys how much I loveeee it :D
Foundation brush: For other foundations that i've tried I use either Gosh or Sigmas Foundation brush, Sigma being the better of the two. But I find with my Body Shop foundation i dont need to use a lot and it seems in order to get the most out of the product it is best for me to apply it with my ring and middle finger. I know how against the rules it is but they just work best honest :)
Concealer: If i do feel the need to use a bit under my eyes or on blemishes then i reach for Famous in their lightest shade. I havnt had to use this for a while though because thanks to my skincare routine right now I have no spots or blemishes or even undereye circles :) yay!
Powder: Gosh Pressed Powder 02 So Natural
Blusher: A mixture of both Bourjois 54 Rose Frisson & 85 Sienne, but I think that I am in line for a new blush because although these are handy to pop into a mini makeup bag i'd just rather use something a bit more accessible and of a similar shade while at home.
Bronzer: Using Avons Bronzing Pearls as i love the multi-tones however they are extremely inconvinient to pop in my bag so I plan to purchase something different over the next few days, if you have any recommendations let me know :)
Highlighter: I know there are plenty of great highlighters out there but everytime i want a bit of a highlight I reach for Bourjois Little Round in 90 Blanc which is a nice bright white that appears as a sheer and pretty highlight :)
Eyeshadow base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance for no other reason than I locate it first in the morning. Tomorrow I am planning to wear MAC's Constructivist - yes I have actually planned :)
Eyeshadows: In love with my NYX jumbo pencils at the moment! Milk and Baby Blue look amazing together with a little help from coastal scents 88 pallette. Other than that i tend to reach for my Bourjois Little Rounds collection in the softer Beige and Brown shades (05 Brun, 08 Beige Rose & 54 Marron) 
Eyeliner: I have sooo many eyeliners in every shade it really is quite ridiculous but I suppose those that I use the most would have to be Bourjois Khol & Contour Duo which is a double ended eyeline, one white one black, Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal in Stormy Grey and Barry M black liquid liner.
Eyelash curler: Had mine so long that I dont even remember the brand
Eyelash base: I dont tend to use one especially when wearing maxfactor mascaras they seem to last all day so I have no need for an eyelash base.
Mascara: I've had Maxfactor False Lashes in Brown/Black ever since it was launched here last year and i love it so much that i've repurchased it twice!
Lipstick: GOSH Velvet Touch 134 Darling. Originally discovered this when i was working in Superdrug and have loved it ever since!
Lipgloss: Either Mac Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity or Barry M Glossy Tube 1 in pink sparkle (love the smell of this!)
Nail colour: My nails are extremely pathetic right now.. I recently gave up my addiction to acrylic nails and since then they have been extremely thin and brittle leaving me with rubbish mainly nails.. makes me sad :( So i simply use a coat of Barry M's Nail Hardener /Top Coat /Base Coat.. exciting right!

Feel free to do this tag if you like! I'm interested to see what you guys are using right now too :)

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx


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