my first!

Wow my first ever blog! Excitinggg!

So.. I originally signed up so that I could read a few of my favourite peoples reviews, advice, general blogs etc on a daily basis but then thought.. why not write a few myself, there's no harm in that right? :P We'll see!
I may totally mess up and you'll probably find that I won't always write about beauty, style etc.. I have a feeling that they will be all over the place and about everything! Kinda like my tweets :) But hey we all need a little diversity in our lives right?

Oh and i will definitely use too many smileys! ..Sorry. It's a bad habit that i need to cut down i think.. maybe :)

I promise that i will try to make things as exiting and interesting for you guys as i feel they are for me! And that i will do a bit of an intro about me soon so that you can kind of get the jist of who i am and stufff.

Thanks for reading my very first kind of intro blog and i hope that you decide to come back and read more :)


Love Abby ♥x.


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