Is getting an emotional support animal status difficult?

Everybody deserves an uncomplicated and peaceful treatment for any sort of illness. But when it especially comes to the illness of minds, sometimes your pets know it better how to help you deal with a certain kind of a trauma than your therapist who would have otherwise prescribed you the stereotypes, and in a way more isolated and repressive techniques. Have you heard about the ESAs yet? It’s all about getting an animal, preferably dog, in most cases, by your side for your emotional support especially when you are going through mental stress.

Dogs always play a family in everyone’s life and they can hugely relieve stress through their unconditional love and affection. But, make no mistake. An ESA is definitely not a regular dog and it is specially trained to improve a traumatic occurrence when someone is suffering from an anxiety, eviction or any kind of trauma. Yes, it’s true. You can get your ESA too with the help of an ESA Letter from your doctor or a Psychological Professional once you are diagnosed with a particular psychiatric disorder. No idea how to ask a doctor for ESA letter? This article will help you step in the right direction.

The facts
Here the ESA in question is a dog. Besides many other things, you can train your dog how to react to a particular symptom. But when you pet it for your emotional support, remember to strictly adhere to all the associated laws of an ESA. But before you finally apply for your ESA, get yourself tested with the time tasted procedure of screening and counselling.

Who needs an ESA
So, you think you are ready to enjoy the benefits of having an ESA! Wait. First, check if you have any of the following…

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Fear/phobias
  • Depressive Disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Mood swings
  • Split Personality and much more

Remember, the ESAs are going to be much different from whom you identify as your doting pets or the service animals. Therefore, they are meant for only those who suffer from an emotional or mental challenge and in dire need of a support to help them cope with their situations. Hence, ESAs have to be prescribed for a patient by a psychological health expert such as a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist.

How to obtain a letter for yourself
So, now the million dollar question is, how to ask a doctor for ESA letter and the answer is lying next to you either in your contact list or your chosen website. Just fix an appointment for your letter that is supposed to fetch you a psychological status testifying your immediate need for a support animal.

Finally, you can grab a letter both online and offline keeping your confidentiality and special needs on the top priority list. As you get a sanction for your special ESA dog, you can now carry it anywhere, whether you shop, roam, eat out, read, lounge or jet-set. Just remember, to carry the letter with you. Let your journey to the happy days begin.


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