my hair journey with Rosie Finnigan

I've always been pretty useless with my hair, from dying it to looking after it properly and especially with styling. I've been SO lazy with styling for a very very long time. Then I met Rosie Finnigan and the game changed.

I freaking love my hair now okay!?

The first photo below was taken in January while I was in Germany so my hair was almost at it's longest whereas the second one was taken the day before I went to visit Rosie, just after I blasted it with a hair dryer (gross). And the last photo is just after I got a local hairdresser to chop a few inches off a couple of months prior to seeing Rosie for the first time.

first appointment
On the second row are photos from straight after my first appointment followed by the day after when the curls had all but dropped out. Prior to my appointment, on Rosie's instruction, i'd sent over some photos from my hair lust board on Pinterest (like this and this) as well as some photos of my hair as it was so that she could plan accordingly. I could honestly go on about how lovely Rosie is, how much I love her at home salon and how comfortable she made me feel, truth is she's just my type of person (oh and her dog Otto is adorable).
Treatment-wise Rosie gave my hair a balayage makeover, used Olaplex and then used the cut-by-curl technique to give me the perfect style. I also came away with the S-Factor Lusterizer (currently 46% off) which I've been using religiously ever since as I've found it to be a great calmer of frizz!

second appointment
On the bottom row are photos from the day of and day after my appointment as before. Following on from my first appointment Rosie has given me what she described as a 'pearly platinum and beige blonde balayaged bob' and I absolutely love it.
The curls held a little longer after my second appointment and I loved both looks so much that it inspired me to start using a curling wand regularly. So not only did Rosie get me looking after my hair she also has me styling it. I was once a great advocate of leaving it to dry naturally or blasting it with a hair dryer if I had to and now I find myself drying it properly (with a round or paddle brush!) and most days using my wand (currently 30% off) to create some sort of curls or wavy look.

I love my hair a lot these days which makes a really nice change and has given me a new found confidence. So if you're reading this.. thank you so much Rosie. :) x

♥ abby


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