What sort of camera do you use?
I use either my iPhone 7, my Lumix DMC-FZ28 or Canon D80. Though you'll find the further back the post i'm using either my iPhone 5, 4, 3GS or a Kodak ZD710

I love your design, where did you get it?
I made it. I once designed bespoke blog layouts on the side of my full time job.

Why did you name your blog 'abbzzw'?
It's kind of sentimental.. My first name is abby, my dad calls me abz (he's the only one who does), my last name begins with a w and so abbzzw was born :)

What program do you use to create your collages?
Photoshop CS5 or CC

When are you going to make another YouTube video?
I'm not. I've tried and it's just not for me sorry.

How long have you been blogging?
Since September 2009 so 8 years now!

If your questions hasn't been answered or you'd just like a chat, feel free to fire me an email at abbzzw@hotmail.co.uk :)


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