How to decide which shoes to take on holiday

Choosing which shoes to pack for a trip abroad is decided by three things; weight, style and location. Be it a hen weekend away in Europe, a trip with your loved one around the world or an activity filled family holiday, the shoes you wear can make or break your poor tired feet or your luggage allowance if you don't choose wisely.

weight and size
Firstly you should rule out anything too heavy unless you're going to choose to wear them to the airport and back. Try to pack your lightest shoes suitable for the job and if you need to pack a heavier shoe try removing one of the lighter pairs to balance out the weight. Also think about their size and the room that they'll take up in your luggage, a pair of shoes could be really light but if they're huge then you're compromising space so you need to decide which is more important.

style and location
The weather and activities that you'll be doing at your chosen holiday location will define the style of shoes that you need to take with you. Consider how many pairs of flip flops you will actually need on a beach holiday - 1 and a spare is plenty enough.

It's really easy to take far too much away with you and you definitely don't need to take every pair of shoes you have. Think about what nice sparkly sandals (found here) could work day to night or with every dressy outfit that you're taking. Or what many activities that you can wear plimsole trainers to do (buy here). Lots of the usual dress-down style shoes can be worn with dressy items for an easy smart-casual style so consider full outfits when packing.

Happy packing!


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