considering safety while travelling

Travel is a big word, one that we we use or atleast partake in every day. Be it travelling to work, to the airport or across continents, travelling is pretty essential to our daily lives as well as satisfying our need to explore.

Do you consider safety when you travel? From the basics of checking over your car to considering your surroundings and making smart decisions.

vehicle safety
Travelling along the same route by car on a daily basis can make you slightly lazy when it comes to the basic rules of staying safe. Consider how often you check the condition of your car - Do you walk around to ensure the walls are all round before getting in or do you run to the driver side door and jump in to get out of the rain. Do you top up for windscreen washer fluid regularly enough so that when a dusty car park makes your screen filthy you're able to clean it off and safely assess the hazards infront of you. Only 44% of people will do the standard safety checks on a monthly basis (oil, tyre pressure, brake lights etc) which is absolutely not enough to ensure better driving and safer roads. If you are then in an accident caused by one of these people who doesn't take car of their car (or themselves) and has got behind the wheel that's where a solicitor like Slater & Gordon Solicitors could get involved and help youget compensation you deserve.

your mind and health
Consider yourself (a part of the furniture). You know your body and mind better than anyone else so you know if you're in the right state of mind to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether you can be relied upon for the safety of others and whether you can make smart decisions. Do not travel if you're not of sound mind or well enough to take care.

your surroundings
As with thinking about how to safety travel across a country that is new to you it's important to think about alterring the way you think when travelling around the one you live in. Driving across a motorway requires a different skillset than driving through country lanes and likewise when driving through a busy city like London. You'll need to think about the way people act and hazards you can come across depending on your location. To completely generalise you may get mugged or your car stolen in a big city, likely to come across a slow moving or broken down vehicle blocking a country road or a lorry accident on the motorway - Always consider that hazards you might face no matter where you travel.

Be it a car, motorbike or bicycle that you use to travel with always consider the condition of the vehicle, your health and state of mind, and your surroundings including the people that you may be travelling with. Travelling to (and from) the airport for the trip of a lifetime could go south very quickly by not paying attention to your car or surroundings.

things to remember when getting behind the wheel
- always check your car over before getting in it as well as monthly safety checks
- always do safety checks before a long journey
- always consider the people around you, be it as a hazard or being responsible for their safety
- always consider your health and state of mind before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle
- always consider approaching situations differently according to your location or surroundings


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