plus size shopping tips for the fashion girl

If you're a fashionista that is constantly searching for fashionable clothing that accentuates your curves you know that sometimes it is not easy to find exactly what it is that you are looking for. Unfortunately, the world of high fashion is often geared to the super skinny leaving the rest of the populus with much fewer options when it comes to shopping.

If you fall outside of the “normal” size standard you are then conveniently thrust into the plus size shopping category.You may be asking, who gets to make up these rules, labels and categories? The answer is not that simple but mostly the designers and the apparel industry controls the guidelines.

Regardless of the world we live in being realistic and pragmatic when it comes to finding the best available options in shopping for plus size fashions doesn’t have to feel like a challenge.

Whether shopping online or at a department store or boutique read on for some tips to scoring fabulous plus size fashion items.

online shopping tips 
If you are shopping online for plus size fashions a great place to start is with Chesca Direct. This is a UK based online retailer that literally carries everything that you need to ensure that your wardrobe is not only functional but fashionable as well.

If it is your first-time shopping online for clothing, you will want to ensure that you are paying attention to the online retailers’ sizing guides.

You may know your own size but each designer’s cuts vary. This is even more prevalent when you are shopping an online retailer that carries various designer labels.

Pay attention to cuts, size guidelines, and fabrications. We all know that there are some cuts and fabrications that are much more forgiving to full figured body types so ensure that you are taking the time to make informed purchases and that you are choosing the best looks to compliment your size and style.

in store shopping
If you prefer to try on your clothing in person you will want to ditch the online shopping and either head to your favorite shopping center or to your favorite boutique.

 Shopping at a larger department stores like Harrods’s or any of the other large retail chains in the UK will give you much more options than heading to just one small boutique.

On the other hand, if there is a specific boutique that carries the styles that you love and you have had luck with the fits, fabrications and categories of clothing that they have to offer by all means, shop where you feel the most comfortable.

get inspired by social media
If you need some style inspiration, sometimes it is as close to you as your smartphone is. Simply get online and check out your social media feeds.

Instagram is great way to get fashion inspiration especially in specific niches like plus size fashion and clothing.

Search a few hashtags and see what you come up with. You can also search for plus sized bloggers and fashion influencers in the UK that you can get fashion style tips and inspiration from on a regular basis.

Happy Shopping!


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