outfit : ellos white tee day

22 May 2012

loose white tee: ellos | black skinny jeans: topshop | pleather flower necklace: miss fluff

This is my second round of photos for this necklace, the first lot didn't exactly do it justice which was completely down the the outfit I was wearing. So eager to wear this when it arrived, I chucked the necklace on the next morning with a pretty poor ensemble, continued to take photos and on route to work discovered how terrible the shots were. So here we go again! But this time with the arrival of a couple of goodies from ellos.co.uk :) I knew this simple tee would go perfectly with it. The top is a mix of an elasticated white cotton back and arms with a more stiff cotton for the front panel, there's something about this combination that luxes up such a simple top. It's so wearable as both formal and casual, i've already tried it on with some of my bleached, coloured and diy shorts and it works really well. Layered with a blazer and with my navy and gold flower necklace from miss fluff it brings a more professional look to the table and minus the blazer you've got this… an everyday no matter what the weather/occasion look. I completely recommend this top from ellos and i'm sure you'll be seeing more of it! :)

How much do you love my necklace?! The Miss Fluff Founder kindly offered to send me an item of my choice from her incredible store and I chose this floral beauty. I'm sure you'll agree that this isn't my usual thing.. I don't do chunky short necklaces and I have to say, this is the biggest I have ever owned! I love it!! In fact I think that I have a slight love affair going on and my other necklaces are feeling rejected :P I have worn it with plain tees, vest tops, shirts - done up and un buttoned, and will continue to with any high neck jumper/top and pretty much everything. The navy pleather with gold is such a beautiful combination! Girly without being overly girly, if you know what I mean :) If you haven't heard of Miss Fluff then you definitely need to check out their Etsy store!

Hope you're all amazing! I have some fab things to share with you soon and hopefully some week in photo-esque posts soon :)

♥ abby