my clippy bag : finished

8 March 2012

This is another one of those posts that should of gone up a very very long time ago. My sincere apologies to the wonderful people at Clippy who have been more than patient. I'm sorry for being so slack within guys! Especially because I love my bag so much! The logic of why I haven't talking about my clippy bag isn't there.. I use it all the time! And I really enjoyed putting ideas together and cutting images down to size then organising them into the pockets and reorganising them because i'm a fussy buggar (as my mum would say) :)

For my bag I decided to go for a mix of photos of things that mean something to me, some of my favourite things and bit of my drawings I had lying around :)

1. Shaun holding my Daddy's dog 2. A saying I like and wrote 3. One of my Outfits 4. Sunflowers Shaun bought me 5. Shaun and I on Holiday in Portugal 6. My drawing of a pattern on a path in Faro, Portugal 7. Another one of my Outfits 8. My sketch of cherry blossoms 9. Us driving through Portigal

1. Flowery Deathly Hallows 2. Awesome Disney Tshirts 3. My first drawing/draft of my tattoo 4. Pokemon and Mario cookies 5. Embrace Messy hair written/drawn by me 6. My photo of sweets 7. Part of the A4 Aztec page I drew for my header 8. Out of place image of a smiling gingerbread man that looks yummy and happy, even though i don't like gingerbread.. 9. Pokemon poem <3

Hope you like my bag (Y)

♥ abby