outfit: beanie, biker and shorts

15 February 2012

You could say this is a desperate attempt of casual layering but really it's just me being lazy ;) I wore this to go out for lunch on a sunday afternoon, nowhere special just an easy burger. I was chilled out and warm (Y) Not sure what possessed me to take photos of this outfit so my apologies.

shorts : diy south jeans | vest top : topshop (old) | shirt : primark | leather jacket : h&m
tights and beanie : primark | biker boots : ebay

I seem to of fallen out of love with my wardrobe, my fantasy wardrobe is awesome but real life.. not so much. So i've done a little shopping ;) London is a pretty bad influence but that's what I love about it and I'll share my new bits as I wear them, though i'll need warmer weather for some! I'm sure i'm not the only one wishing spring and summer would hurry up right? Dying to pull out the pastels and ditch my coat! Though i'd happily keep my beanies right through the year as i'm living in them at the moment! :)

♥ abby