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I've been putting together ideas for christmas presents and just general things I want about my house and i'll be showing you guys my ideas and the finished products as I have done with my deathly hallows bag. This installment is about mugs, cups and other crockery. I only have one page of my list of ideas to show you today. The reason being, others will remain on the quiet as some are specific to those of my friends and family that visit my blog and I refuse to ruin the surprise.

The circles represent designs for the bottoms of the cup, including the pokeball of course! I haven't used colour at all on these ideas because I want to keep an open mind as it depends who the cup is for. Aside from the obvious colours that hello kitty and other known images will be of course. I have a whole series of crafty gifts to show you in the lead up to the festivities so let me know what you think of these :) Will you be creating any crafty gifts for christmas?

♥ abby


  1. if someone made me a cup with pokeballs and moustaches on, i'd love them forever! this is an amazing idea, abby!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock.

  2. I love the idea of having pictures on the bottom of the mugs, especially the pokeball!

  3. LOVE! Especially the Harry Potter one...

  4. This is such a lovely idea, I am having a handmade christmas this year too xx

  5. You'd better be making me a mug with a moustache on for xmas ;) haha, these are gonna look gorgeous! xx

  6. Oh I'm so excited to see how your mugs turn out! Might have to pinch one or two of your ideas: my best friend and I are avid mug collectors (I do have a life, honest!) and I bet she'd love a handpainted mug. xx

  7. I like the "Cup of..." collection AND of course, anything with the Deathly Hallows symbol on it! Looking forward to see what they look like in the end.

    x Michelle |

  8. I love this idea, especially being a poor student in the run up to Christmas! I'd definitely love to see how they turn out and any other home-made gift ideas you have to share! :) xxx

  9. That's so cute, and your blog is really nice!
    I love the layout!



  10. hey sis< lovely ideas =), Friend at achool saw your deathly hallows bag and asked if you could make her one with dobby on it, like just the black outlne, would that be possible?? x

  11. Cute ideas, I'm thinking of making some crafty christmas gifts myself. But I'm not sure what I'm making yet :)

  12. Hi!
    I've nominated you for an award on my blog here:



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