800 followers celebration giveaway : winner

14 June 2011

A huge thank you to everybody that entered my celebratory giveaway. It was a pretty much a great success for companies participating also so thank you.

Another thank you to the companies that contributed to this giveaway, thank you so much for the support.

On to the winner and wow it took a lonnnng time counting and calculating the number of entries etc. These extra entry giveaways are crazy! But hey ho.. using random.org and my calculations (that have been checked and confirmed by others I should add!) the winner isssss :

Congratulations sweets! Check your emails :)

I'm probably going to do a blog design giveaway in July or August and have had some interest on twitter already so would love to know your thoughts.. there will of course be some restrictions but it would essentially be a full redesign!

♥ abby