week in photos #48

22 March 2011

Sorry for another boring rendition of my week in photos. I should probably get a life some time soon..

I think it's safe to say that most of these photos are pretty self-explanatory.. i'm wearing my glasses more often, i'm addicted to birds eye chillis, as always there's a bit of the sweet stuff and who doesn't love wham bars eh ;)

Over the weekend I didn't get chance to take any outfit shots, apologies for that. I hope you like my makeshift /in the car shot! And the final photo is an old asos dress I rediscovered from the back of my wardrobe on sunday and will now be wearing to a family wedding this weekend :)

Hope you're all well! I'm on it with the blog design at the moment so i'd better get back to that :) Happy Tuesday!

♥ abby

p.s Let me know what you like of my new blog design /tweekage! <3