outfit : statement vests and sky high heels

12 March 2011

Today I have mostly sat on my tod. This outfit would of been better served for shopping and coffee with my buddy Dom tomorrow, alas I spent this morning writing a large list of things I want to accomplish this weekend.. an outfit post being one of them, score! But besides that I haven't really made much headway on it at all. In fact i've managed to complete only 4 out of 23 tasks! But the day is not over yet and seeing as Shaun is still out watching football and who knows what else I still have free reign of the lounge. I must get off this laptop though.. I feel as though it's welded to my legs. Oh and I forgot where these boots are from.. sorry!

shorts: diy | tank: republic | blazer: h&m | l-rings: h&m | r-rings: asos & ebay | necklace: topshop

I'd like to direct you to this post by beautys bad habit it made me chuckle and I totally agree with the entire post. So if you were going to post your link in a comment or use a similar phrase to 'I follow you, follow back' take note please! I'd be very grateful if spammers /self promoters eff off :) tarr!

That is all :) Have a lovely evening!

♥ abby