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A lot of us love a good statement ring or few to incorporate into our outfits so how about one that really sends a message.. these rings from GiftGirls are a unique take on the scrabble rings that everyone seems to have at the moment (including myself!) You can buy the 'Yes' and 'No' rings here and here

click image for source / yes ringclick image for source / no ring

So what do you think? I know that if I had a little more money i'd of already bought these before writing this post and with 10% off and a free gift with every order it is very tempting!! Use code GG1257 to take advantage of this offer and let me know if you buy either or both of these rings so I can be jealous :P

Thanks for reading!

♥ abby xx


  1. Love your blog sooo sooooo much!! Please follow or visit my blog:)

  2. aw these are so cute and they look better cos they look wooden rarther than plasticy

  3. Thanks Nicoline, I have commented on your latest post :)

    Sara - That's exactly what I thought. I prefer them wooden :) x

  4. Oh I do love a good Scrabble piece! I want the YES ring, love the wooden pieces! xxx

  5. Those rings really are pretty! I wish it said LOVE or something rather than yes and no, but I love the idea of using scrabble pieces for jewelry! I want an A one for myself :)

  6. Ooh these are so cute! I love the 'No' one! xxx

  7. These are super super cute! I love the 'Yes' one, you need to stop linking me to so many awesome things!!

    L x

  8. Cute rings - I recently got a scrabble letter necklace and I love it!

  9. Michelle - I know :) You are who inspired me to buy my first ring! xx

    Aimee - I need an A ring too, have a W at the moment for mine and shauns last initial. Love would be nice as a necklace I think :) x

    May - Me too. It'd be great for flashing at guys when they try to approach you in a bar haha! x

    Half Dressed - Haha i'm sorry but I feel it is my duty to share the cute, beautiful and interesting things I find online :P x

    Spence - I want a necklace too! A full word one like these rings would be perfect :) x

  10. Thanks for the awesome post sweetie!! xx

  11. Thanks for the awesome rings Carlinn :) xx


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