featured find: Fur up your shoes

14 October 2010

I have been so slack with this feature and for that i'm sorry. Like I said when I started Featured Finds, I have soooo much to show you so it's silly of me not to of continued posting each week. To make up for it i'm going to do a few Featured Finds this week, here is the first..

Trying to find the perfect furry or shearling cuff shoes but just can't or can't afford them? I have found the perfect solution!

These fur cuffs are just £10 a pair at boohoo.com They come in variations of black, and brown and can turn any shoes or boots into furry wonders. I absolutely love these.. What a cheap way of winterizing your shoes!

psst.. you could always make some fur shoe cuffs yourself! I'll probably do a tutorial on this in the near future :P

♥ abby xx