holiday makeup : i need your advice

Calling all of you makeup loving girls that love a bit of fun in the sun! I need your advice :)

On the 27th of june I will be going to portugal for 10 days and I am sooooo excited! I haven't been abroad for so so so long and I haven't been anywhere hot since I was 11 and went to Fuertaventura. But being only 11 I didn't wear any makeup and now that I do and i'm worrying about what to wear. I don't want to wear nothing, even though we'll be alone in the private villa/mansion thingy but I don't want to wear anything to heavy.

I don't want to end up looking like this clown ;) - Amazing film by the way! A must see!!
my thoughts..
 i should probably take a primer.. right?

 i will not take a liquid foundation. i'm thinking of starting to use bare minerals. what do you think?

 i'm going to take a single light apricot eyeshadow and that's all
 should i take my shadow insurance?

 i will take colourful eyeliners - i have a lot of gosh pencil liners and liquid liners that will be perfect and heard that if you pop a liner in the freer for 15 minutes before hand it is likely to last longer in the heat, maybe this will work i don't know?
 i will take blush because frankly, i need it

 and i will take my lush lip balms and maybe lip glosses too?

But even though i'm thinking about all that i'm still not sure whether that's the right way to go about it or whether i'm missing something?

I'd love to hear about your experiences of wearing makeup in a hot climate and what does and doesn't work for you. so please comment below :):)

Thank yooooou

♥ abby


  1. Well, first of all, I'd take more rather than less so that you'll be happy you'll have everything you need to look (and more importantly) feel good. Best to squeeze a couple of extra products in so you don't end up regretting packing too light.

    I personally will be taking the following away with me this summer:-

    Bronzer, blusher, eyeshadow primer, a couple of bronzey, goldy, brown colour eyeshadows, blue liner, black liner, waterproof mascara, highlighter, pink lipgloss and a matte lippie (prob pink). No base for me and I try and limit myself on lip colours otherwise I'd take a different one for everyday.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Great post! I was wondering the same thing, so I will be coming back to see what people think! I don't want to wear anything too heavy xx

  3. I'm going to Fuertoventura next month - what did you think of it?!

    How about tinted moisturiser instead of foundation?? Waterproof mascara (the Loreal Collogen one is good).

    When i was in Australia, although i took a lot, i didn't end up wearing anything on my face apart from concealer. You get the bronze aspect from gettting tanned, and you can either pinch your cheeks or wait for it to get hot enough to get blush!
    I only wore concealer and mascara for the majority of the time, liquid eyeliner when it was a bit cooler. Then added bronze and blush for night time.

  4. @Primp and Preen - wow thankyou for the list :D bronzer i don't really want to take because i intend on being bronzed :) hehe. and highlighter i don't wear though i will take my white bourjois shadow for my brows and i'm liking the idea of different brown /bronzed eyeshadows so will do that too! thanks :) x

    @Olivia getting some good feedback so don't forget to check back :P x

    @Phoebe in all honesty i don't remember a whole lot from being there besides it being so hot that i burnt my face lol. oh and getting a ferry over to lanzarote for the day. i just remember a lot of heat! but then it has been my only ever hot holiday

    tinted moisturiser could work, except i don't use moisturiser very often now. though i suppose the heat might dry my skin out. i'll look into it :) Waterproof mascara is a must yes! :)

    thankyou for the tips :) x

  5. Hello lovely,
    personally through the day I only wear a bit on tinted moistriuser & some water proof mascra
    I dont go too heavy in the evening either, less is more when ur on hols I think.

  6. Hey i had the same problem last summer but i was given some good tips. Ditch your liquid foundation. It will probably melt off with the heat. Id go for mineral foundation it feels lighter wont melt off and you can control the coverage. I have combination skin, so oily in some areas dry in others. Iv tried lots of mineral foundation so ill recommend some to you. Bare Minerals is ok but the finish can be kind of shiny and breaks alot of people out. Everyday minerals is brilliant, they do a few different types to all skins and in terms of coverage too. Its also dirt cheap. But i recommend Loreal Bare naturale mineral makeup. This was recommended to me by a youtube guru and i love it!! Its so cheap, looks so natural and has buildable coverage. So you can have it light during the day, or add more for more coverage at night. It also photographs really nicely and has spf24!

    Hope this helps if you decide to go with mineral makeup.

    Id also recommend a highlighter and bronzer just to give you that sunkissed look on the cheekbones,nose bone, and temples. Maybe some gold shimmery eyeshadows would look pretty too!

    Goodluck x

  7. I find the hotter it is, the less make up I wear.

    I normally use some powder to stop the shine, bit of blusher, mascara and lipgloss and I'm good to go.

    As its so sunny you'll probably be nicely tanned and you'll need less make up anyway x

  8. @steph0188 i'm definitely going to go for the tinted moisturiser thing, it seems to be the way most people are leaning :) can you recommend a good one for combination skin? and i agree, less is definitely more especially the more bronzed i get :D but i'm also going to get some cheaper mineral makeup so i'v got the choice :) i have no idea how my skin will react out there xx

    @Lynstar wow thankyou so much for the help. liquid foundation is officially ditched for the summer! i'm mid break out at the moment so maybe bare minerals isn't the way to go. i'm going to give loreal a try next weekend and see how i get on :) going to have a tinted moisturiser also. i want to be prepared :) x

    @*Peonies and lilies* i think that's what will happen really. by the end of 2 weeks i'll be wearing only mascara and maybe a bit of shiny lipgloss :) x

  9. Portugal wowww how amazing :)
    I was in Greece last year and PHEW was it hot! I am not comfortable enough in my skin to go bare faced unfortunatley so I still did the liquid foundation thing, however I wore a heavier base which I found was fine and stayed put in 40+ degree heat. It was Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation! But if you have gorgeous skin like you do you might not need to worry and could easily get away with tinted moisterizer or mineral makeup :)


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