pink cupcakes and irish buttercream

i can't think of a better way to spend bank holiday than shopping, eating subway and baking with my best friend, kirsten :)

For the sponge we used:
4 free-range eggs
225g/8oz sugar
225g/8oz self-raising flour
225g/8oz butter, melted
a load of vanilla flavouring :P
this gave us enough to make 24 buns

yummeh buns baking :)
left: buttercream with 2 cap fulls of irish cream (baileys) right: simple pink icing

all of the pretty decorative goodies we used :):)

and these are the finished buns.. the decorating was quite rushed as both kirsten and i had places to be and people to see but i think they look great conidering :)

they were very tasty too!! my house mates and their mates would agree..........

done any baking recently? tell me about it :)

♥ abby xx


  1. They look lovely, I love the little rose decorations xx

  2. They look so good! I think fairy cakes are the best thing to bake, I love decorating them :)

    I made rice crispy cakes the other night but added marshmallows and cherries so they were kind of like rocky road biscuits, so simple but so yummy


  3. Yummy! they look so cute!

  4. They look so good! You're making me want to bake! x

  5. They look great, it's making me hungry!

  6. They look delicious!!! You're making me hungry :(

  7. you know I love them but I just have to say it again!
    Mmm they look so tastey and so pretty you both done a great job!
    You should set up a website I'd be buying them non stop lol.
    I have that pretty pinl glitter from asda but have only used them on them cupcake mix boxes,
    Cooking from scratch is soo much better!!

  8. Yum!!! They look great.

    X x

  9. these look amazing! *drools* xx

  10. they look phenomenal!

  11. Those are so pretty! Great job! Makes me want to bake with my best friend LOL we haven't gotten to do that in a while!


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