Dear John

after watching the trailer i found it hard to string together sentances.. watch it! there are no words

i cried. it looks incredible and is so real. but i'm scared to watch the full film so i'm reading the book first :)

♥ abby xx


  1. I've just read and the book and really can't wait to see the film, I cried so much! But such a good story :) xx

  2. oh i didn't realise there was a book.

    i'd quite like to read that first :) xx

  3. Seems like such a beautiful film :) one I'd deffo cry about, but looks good :) think I'll watch that someday! x

  4. I saw this trailer in the cinema last week and it ruuuuuined me. I could no way watch the whole film! Too close to home for me! xx

  5. Yeah, you're right Abby. We are going to see this together, mwahahaha :P But yes defo book first, it's my birthday in two weeks by the way. Love you! xxx

  6. @annabella i saw the trailer in the cinema too, i was so emotional, both my mum and i were. it's quite close to us too and that's why i'm not sure i could watch it :/ xx

    @Kirsten.. no we arn't :P If i go i'm taking a guy to see if he'll cry :P lol & i know :) we have to make cake preperations! love you xx

  7. Ive nominated u for an awardon my blog.


  8. Oh my, I watched this then turned to my boyfriend and said "you owe me a girl film and I've found it" hehe

    Oh this looks teary, a good cry can do you wonders though lol

    Thanks for this, great blog xx

  9. i just got my dad to sit through the trailer with me, fullscreen.. and i think he welled up a little too :) we can't wait to see it.

    I now have the book too!! started reading it yesterday :):)

    @Kirsty.. that's brilliant!! haha i actually think he'd probably enjoy it :)

    hope you all enjoy it :) xx


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