my week in photos #1

15 February 2010

This is a post i'm going to start doing each monday to show you guys and girls what i've got upto and things like that..

So left to right i'll tell you a little bit about each photo :) here goes..

Row 1: My Long awaited motel dress arrived and didn't fit so i am exchanging it.
            I learnt how to print screen my iPhone and tweeted my background. I like this tattoo
            Bought me a doughnut :D These are my new addiction for the warrens over the road :D
            I bought myself a double chocolate chip cookie
            Me getting ready to go out for a drive with friends
Row 2: Yummy creme egg!
            Took a new profile photo for twitter
            Boss bought my a really yummy magic starts cupcake!
            I recived my russian doll necklace from Claire at fashion teller notes
            Had m&s lunch with my best friend
Row 3: Went to starbucks to chill out a bit and have some coffee and a giggle :)
            My room in a state as i was packing everything up
            About half of the boxes i packed and pulled down from the loft (no wonder my back hurt!)       
            Used my think pink bath bomb in my little sisters bath and she created a pattern on her knee with some paper hearts

            &a nice big pile of ironing to end the week with.....

Do you like this idea? Let me know :)

Any further questions or comments on the pictures are welcome :) Infact they're encouraged.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy monday everyone!

♥ abby