i failed!!

I was so so sure that i'd be able to make it! That i wouldn't have to shop, that i could avoid it comepletely! But no :(

I'm pretty disappointed in myself really.. Living literally 2 minutes walk from a mall and having a rather stressfull weekend of moving (things didnt go so smoothly!) and having to hunt for a present for my mum just didn't seem to support the task of giving up shopping.

So shifting away from my failure.... I orginally went to town to look for a birthday gift for my mum (which i still havn't bought! Nowhere has slipper boots in anymore!) &here is what i was so tempted by..

I love this bag! Though the lighting isn't doing it much justice, It's quite a nude pastel pink :) &It was the last one on the shelf & i was told my local New Look store wouldn't be getting anymore of this colour in so naturally i had to pick it up.. oops.

Then i nipped into Accessorize still looking for a gift for my mum and came out with the earrings i had admired in an ealier post, the matching necklace and a forget me not bangle :) They were all so pretty........

& lastly.. i bought these bangles in Internacionale. The floral one was £3.99 &the lace was £4.99 & they're really chunky :D

So all in all.. i failed but i got some pretty things so nevermind. Tattoo will have to wait i suppose.... hehe.

What did you give up for lent and how's it going? Be honest! :P

♥ abby xx


  1. I gave up alcohol and havent had a drop :) and i wont till the 20th march :) x

  2. :o Abby abby abby I am very disappointed in you young lady!!
    LOL only kidding im the same, its always happens, you go out looking for something for someone else and you find loads of nice things, but when you actually have money can you find anything nice? nooo.
    I LOVE everything you bought, esp the earrings and matching necklace. TOO cute xxxx

  3. Love the handbag and the earrings, so pretty! x

  4. awww no!! They are very nice things you got so I can see how you couldn't resist!

  5. Aww I would of given up the buy that bag too its gorgeous! & I love the jewelery you got! Ive given up chocolate and its going good so far, even though my auntie purposly bought her and my little cousins luxury hot chocolates just to tease me! XO

  6. Hehe, I would have broken lent for that bag too :) x

  7. I knew you'd fail.
    Then you told me on the phone... I giggled :D
    I love being right :P mwuahhah.

    Still, its all worth it so its all good lol.




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