i failed!!

24 February 2010

I was so so sure that i'd be able to make it! That i wouldn't have to shop, that i could avoid it comepletely! But no :(

I'm pretty disappointed in myself really.. Living literally 2 minutes walk from a mall and having a rather stressfull weekend of moving (things didnt go so smoothly!) and having to hunt for a present for my mum just didn't seem to support the task of giving up shopping.

So shifting away from my failure.... I orginally went to town to look for a birthday gift for my mum (which i still havn't bought! Nowhere has slipper boots in anymore!) &here is what i was so tempted by..

I love this bag! Though the lighting isn't doing it much justice, It's quite a nude pastel pink :) &It was the last one on the shelf & i was told my local New Look store wouldn't be getting anymore of this colour in so naturally i had to pick it up.. oops.

Then i nipped into Accessorize still looking for a gift for my mum and came out with the earrings i had admired in an ealier post, the matching necklace and a forget me not bangle :) They were all so pretty........

& lastly.. i bought these bangles in Internacionale. The floral one was £3.99 &the lace was £4.99 & they're really chunky :D

So all in all.. i failed but i got some pretty things so nevermind. Tattoo will have to wait i suppose.... hehe.

What did you give up for lent and how's it going? Be honest! :P

♥ abby xx