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Lauren at ParisBoutique and I decided to tag eachother.. lol so here is my Bag tag :)

I love love loveee my bag! This is my favourite handbag ever and i'v had it for about 3 months now. I spent forever looking for it and when i eventually found it i had to spend the money there and then! Even though it meant importing it from the US which turned out to be a fair bit of money.. but nevermind, was totally worth it!! This bag is pretty big with a number of pockets including hidden ones which are brilliant for girly little secrets :P Basically.. I can fit tonnes in it which you will find out if you read on :)

Just so you guys know.. I've not added to or taken anything embarassing out of my bag.. This is genuinely what I took to work and came home with today and every day its pretty much the same, so here goes;

dental floss & listerine mouthwash
hair bands, large bands and grips
fox's purse - the reason for purchasing the matching bag! :)
deodorant & body spray
glasses & sunglasses
mini cw hairspray & sheer blonde shine balm
spare pair of stud earrings

travel tissues
tampon tin
mini cocoa butter :D

lucozade glucose tablet - my blood sugar plummets every so often for no reason :s
chewing gum
sticky roller - thing to roll fluff off of clothes.. i'v forgotten what it's called!
hair brush with mirror
hello kitty makeup bag - with essential bits and bobs!!
LUSH honey trap lip balm :D
LUSH whoosh temple balm - wakes me up in work :P
pain killers
hand sanitizer
keys and headphones
spot treatment

&last but not least.. my phone! :D (which isnt in the pile because i'm taking the picture with it :)

wow i take a lot of stuff around with me really.. lol o well :)

The scarf is because I normally have whichever one goes with what outfit i'm wearing. Just because it could come in handy really (living in the uk it can get pretty cold!) but I also like how I can hide the contents of my bag with a pretty scarf and not having to do the zip of my bag up :)

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed!

♥ abby xx


  1. I love your bag!! and your make up bag!!
    i must try them lush balms.
    great post!



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