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Hi! :)

So.. I've never really been one for doing something with my hair, literally my variation of hair styles goesfrom straight to up in a bun to a higher pony tail.. exciting right! :P No I don't think so either.

Infact, after the few years it has taken me to grow my hair down from a very short bob (yes very very short!) I have always had my hair looking the same, same parting, long side fringe that i like to sweep away from my eye 3000 times a day and a few layers.

Its time for a hair cut! My appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i feel is way overdue! Even though i dont want much off of the length at alll i still want it to look different. Different enough that people will notice that I have been to the hairdressers.

My kind of inspiration for the fringe of my hair is the look the olsens seem to styling lately, i'd say its kind of a boho sheekish look? I dont know.. correct me if i'm way off!

(Hopefully it'll look something like this.. mary kate on the left)

I'm wishing for my hair to be long floaty and sexy again, like it was before i lopped it all off :( I miss it! But yeah.. we'll see howmany fingers I have to cross to see that happen.. help a girl out? :)

Anyway, for my next blog i think i'll post before and after pictures? To see if you guys notice i guess and if it looks good or even tips for next time :)

Thanks for reading :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Its Ashley on the left. Good blog :) x

  2. is it?? i thought marykate went blonde and cut her hair before ashley did :/ oops lol x


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