an explanation..

Having a bit of a pampering evening tonight :) Therefore feeling a bit better!

Sorry my tweets have been a litte depressing over the last week! Having trouble with the boyf and tomorrow we're having a decent chat.. providing he shows up!

I want to look amazing when he sees me! After all it has been a week and he hasnt seen my new hair cut yet. Plus it will definitely make me feel better! (that & a bit of retail therapy on saturday!)

So yeah.. thats why i'v been feeling down and i'm so sorry.. I promise i'm not usually like this!!
I'm generally a happy bubbly person, constantly laughing and bringing life to the party lol, but this week i'v just felt eurrghhh.. good description huh :P

This evenings agenda
  • Shower and some yummy LUSH products including king of skin which is working wonders on my legs!
  • Hair treatments including tresemme treatment masque - which i love!
  • Manicure including ridding of cuticles and using solar oil but only painting strengthener on because my nails are still trying to recover from wearing acrylic nails for so long!
  • Superdrugs watermelon face mask and a tzone nose pore strip
  • & Manicured toe nails
I think thats about it.. but its a lot to me and i'm about half way through (sat with my mask on) and loving it :)

Also bought a few things today;

Tresemme large round volume brush, Tzone Nose Pore Strips,
Boots Cuticle Remover and Garnier Pure SOS pen

and my barry m nail polishes arrived :) - swatches to come..

L-R: 304 Mint Green, 305 Pink Flamingo
& 54 Base Coat, Top Coat & Nail Strengthener All In One

Thanks for reading! :)

♥ abby xx


  1. can you do a review on the nail top coat pleasE?

  2. I might do. To be honest reviews aren't really my thing. But it's a great cheap top coat and the hardener properties do work. Probably not as good as say Sally Hansen etc but for £2.95 who can argue :) I actually prefer China Glaze First & Last, now that's a great top coat! xx


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